"IT" List Directory FAQ

Senior Style Guide created the "IT" list directory for photographers of all genres.


Because our instagram account is starting to get an even larger teen/parental following in addition to all the incredible photographer’s out there who follow us across our 3 instagram accounts.
Here is a quick glimpse at each account and the current followers as of August 2020:

Senior Style Guide

(featuring high school seniors)

Modern Teen Style

 (featuring tween and teens 11-17)

Modern Capture

(featuring all genre)



How Will This Benefit Us?

We are attracting an audience in addition to photographer’s. This is yet another way for your business to be discovered.  One more visibility point.  Senior Style Guide is the industry leading blog, instagram account and magazine.  This is THE list to be on!  Senior Style Guide has the biggest following for a feature account in the senior industry which is awesome for both photographer’s and vendors!  It is a win win!

You will be able to network with fellow photographers that you might not have known about!

Regions, City and State will be listed along with your social media accounts.  Yet another touch point for your business.

Show your best work.  Put it out there along with your bio and social media links.  Let them get to know YOU!  Potential customers fill out the contact form with your directory listing and it goes straight to your inbox!  ALL of these things are a direct line to YOU!

Everything has been streamlined and thought of to make this convenient and instant for you.  All you have to do is submit the application, complete with your 10 best images.

What Is The Difference Between The "IT" List,
Featured and Basic Directory Listing?

The "IT" List

Featured Directory Listing

Basic Directory Listing

*Your listing will automatically be renewed each year from the date of signing up so you don’t have to worry about your listing expiring!  You can change this at anytime in your account.
If you have additional questions, email us at