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Product Description

This One-on-One Mentorship with Emil from Slice of Lime Photo is the right fit for the photographer who is just taking the plunge into the world of senior photography or the photographer who is feeling like they are in a rut and is looking to breathe new life and creativity into different aspects of their business.  The mentorship is for one hour.

Often praised for her approachability and her relatability, connect candidly with Emil during this hour with questions about topics such as:

  • Branding
  • Identifying your target client
  • Creating a client experience based on personal connection
  • “finding your why”
  • editing
  • styled shoots
  • styling your clients
  • model teams
  • Topics not available in this mentorship:Pricing

You will also have the option of having a portfolio review during your call with Emil.

Upon booking the mentorship and setting a date, a questionnaire will be sent out which will allow you to hone in on the topics you’re most interested in, and let Emil know a bit about yourself prior to your call.

*Photographers must reside outside a 75 mile radius from the zip code 17070 *


Purchase of this product is for your photography business only. Product templates are to be sold to your clients as an add on or upsale item only. You are not allowed to sell any portion of design, elements, information, etc to third parties. You are not allowed to use any design, element, etc. to create your own, use for other purposes (example website design, etc.) If the product you are purchasing is a course, it is for your educational benefit only. You may not sell this information or share with others, repurpose it to create your own course, etc.

Mileage Restriction

*Photographers must reside outside a 75 mile radius from the zip code 17070 *

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