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Did you know that high school aged teens follow more style bloggers than friends on their social media platforms? It’s true. They’re flocking to these new icons to see what’s next in trends and how they can dress the part. Imagine if YOU, as a senior photographer, became a fashion resource for not only your clients that you already have booked, but for your social media followers as well. 6th graders all the way through high school seniors would know that YOU were the expert in fashion in your area and know that booking YOU would give them the senior session of their dreams.


These beautifully styled Fall fashion flats are all high res images and able to be used for anything you can think of… in your What to Wear Guide, Senior Magazine, fashion info, on your website, on your social media posts, in seasonal collateral, social stories, videos and tons more. There are endless creations available to help you turn your photography business into a resource for future generations to follow.


*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* All information, PDF guides, and video tutorials included in this purchase are allowed for photography business ONLY as an educational guide. Purchased use is intended for PERSONAL use only. You are prohibited from selling this product or any part of its structure including text, copy, design elements, the design itself, example images, videos, or any other intellectual property as a whole or part. This includes making profit from or sharing the previously stated items in digital or printed form. You are also prohibited from sharing this product with any other third party. COMMERCIAL LICENSE NOT INCLUDED. LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN IF THIS PRODUCT (PART OR WHOLE) IS SHARED OR SOLD TO ANY OTHER PERSON OTHER THAN THE SOLE PURCHASER.

Mileage Restriction

You may NOT purchase this guide if you live within 150 miles of The Woodlands, TX.

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