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SESSION: The 7-30-90 Personal Brand “Face-to-Camera” Coaching Session I get it. You hate putting your face in stories or video. You keep putting off updating your headshot. You hate the idea of doing IGTV and don't even get me started about live video! Do any of the following reasons resonate with you? “I hate the sound of my own voice”, “I hate the way I look on camera”, “I want to lose weight/get fit/become perfect first”, “I’m shy”, “I never know what to say!”, “My life isn’t exciting enough to share!” If this is you, then this COURSE if for you! Personal Branding and face-to-camera marketing is the #1 fastest way to connect with your audience to grow your brand! It’s not going away and as a matter of fact it’s becoming necessary for brands to use it in this current market. This is a one-on-one session where I will guide, mentor and train you on exactly how to turn your business into a PERSONAL BRAND to connect with your ideal clients out on social media, mapped out for 7 days, then 30 days and finally for 90 days! In this one-hour session you will walk away with the confidence to put your own face to the camera with a strategy! You will know exactly what to share, when, how and why. This session includes an exclusive downloadable workbook. Topics discussed:   - video marketing with your face to the camera - confidence on video - selling on video - generating trust - connecting with your audience - scaling your brand and business - planning your content

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