Become A Brand Magnet (A Mini Course)


In this mini-course you will learn how to confidently create the exact messaging to use on your social media platforms that will attract exactly who you want to pull into your brand. This is the ENTIRE Module-1 from the popular full course entitled “Brand My Biz Story”, created to help photographers become a Personal Brand. This course is the foundation to creating a brand online that will draw the EXACT RIGHT CUSTOMER base into your business. It’s so strong and so comprehensive that it can stand alone as a mini-course and a great introduction to the full course if you want to dive deeper! After this mini-course, you will walk away with an entire, implementable BRAND PLAN for your business. LESSON 1: Create Your "WOW" Personal Brand Tagline If you were asked to tell me, in 15 seconds, exactly what you do and how it can help me choose YOUR brand, could you do it? Like, right this second? MOST people, and I mean even people that have been in business for years, stumble over their words at this question. Yet, it's the single most important thing that can come out of your mouth or be read on your website to make you STAND OUT in a crowded market. We're going to get this dialed in for you in this very first Module because it's the very foundation most brands are missing. LESSON 2: Learn how to use your WOW Personal Brand Tagline like a magnet for your brand. We didn't do all of that work for nothing in Lesson 1.1 because now, you're going to learn exactly how to use it like a magnet to your brand! In this lesson you'll learn where to place it out there on the internet as a finely, crafted message that gives 100% clarity to what you offer and whom you serve out there in the world. Don't miss the "Personal Brand Bio Tagline" checklist inside of the workbook you downloaded in the last lesson.

Purchase of this product is for your photography business only. Product templates are to be sold to your clients as an add on or upsale item only. You are not allowed to sell any portion of design, elements, information, etc to third parties. You are not allowed to use any design, element, etc. to create your own, use for other purposes (example website design, etc.) If the product you are purchasing is a course, it is for your educational benefit only. You may not sell this information or share with others, repurpose it to create your own course, etc.

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