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If learning video from your couch in your favorite PJ’s sounds like an amazing idea – then this

course was DESIGNED-FOR-YOU!

This easy-to-understand course is the next best thing to being at the studio with me

while I direct & instruct. You’ll actually watch me film with my clients & learn the stepby-

step process of how to create amazing, jaw dropping videos.

So what’s included? Instructional videos that thoroughly demonstrate the following:

*Breaking down the monopod: from properly placing your camera onto the monopod,

to each movement it offers & how to maximize it’s stabilization

*Camera settings: White balance, Iso, F-stop & Shutterspeed, plus Frame-rate &

Resolution – all discussed thoroughly & demonstrated – in a manner that is easy to

remember & simple to put to use! (One of the easier portions of this class, believe it or


*Focus: To autofocus or not to autofocus? And what about focal points? It’s all covered

from beginning to end.

*How to direct your subject: In depth demonstration – both instructional without a

senior & live demo with a senior. Learn how I show the client what I want them to do &

how I talk them through the video process so they feel at ease.

*WHAT to film & why: You will literally learn my “storyline” method of videography

so you’ll know exactly what to film & when to film it.

*WHEN to film & when to photograph: The most frequently asked question I receive is

“when do I film & when do I photograph?” Well… I have a method to my madness & it

minimizes the back and forth between photos & video. You’ll never forget to

photograph an outfit & you’ll always remember your video segments!

*Choosing your music: Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t willy-nilly. You have to

choose your music wisely! And I teach you how to do so.

*Editing videos for Premier Pro & Final Cut Pro: Actual screen recordings of me

editing from beginning to end while I talk you through the entire process – no detail left

unturned. You are literally going to learn it ALLLLLLLLLL. 🙂

*The Senior Films Workbook in PDF form: And finally, for the note-taker in you, the

Senior Films Workbook can be printed to take notes as you work through the class or

simply read after the class is finished. It’s a simplistic review of the entire class &

refreshes you before any of your video shoots.

Senior Films in person is a $1500 investment HOWEVER – online it’s ONLY $599!

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