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If you’re not doing video in your business, you’re missing out. More than ever, people are using places like YouTube to search. Instagram and Instagram Stories is in full swing. Facebook now favors videos over photos. Video is everywhere! Video has a way of generating emotion and telling a story that still photos lack the ability to do. That’s why I believe so strongly in photographers being able to create stunning films for their clients and marketing material! With over 8 years of experience producing video for clients and commercial businesses, I have always wanted to share what I’ve learned along the way with photographers like you who wish they knew more about how to shoot video! In the How to Shoot Cinematic Video For Your Clients course, I share everything that I do to create films for my clients that are beautiful and full of life. I wanted to created a course that left no stone unturned and this is that course. Whether you’re a photographer that wants to offer something new to your clients or want to learn how to create better content for your social media marketing, this course will walk you through how to create killer videos from start to finish.

When you purchase this course, you’ll have instant access to all of the content below and be able to learn at your own pace. Not only do we teach you how to create a film from start to finish, you also get to come along with Sean on two live shoots to see how he directs and gets the shots he needs to create his client films.


01: EQUIPMENT & GEAR: Choosing the Right Camera – Lenses and How They Help With Storytelling – Monopods and Stabilizers – Using The Gear You Already Have

02: SETTINGS FOR FILM: Settings For Perfect Video – Slow Motion, HD and More – Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO Specific for Video – Camera Profiles 03: PRE-SHOOT PREPARATION: Incorporating Your Client’s Vision – Location Scouting – Wardrobe That Translates Well On Video – How to Decide Your Film’s Tempo – Creating a Shot List

04: RULES OF FILMMAKING: What To Keep In Mind While Filming Out On-Location & In the Editing Room

05: LIVE SHOOTING ON-LOCATION: 1.5+ Hours of On-Location Behind The Scenes – See How I Direct My Clients – How to Shoot the Kind of Shots You Need – Live Teaching While On a Shoot

06: MUSIC SELECTION FOR YOUR FILM: Where To Find Your Music – Licensing Your Music – Picking The Right Tone, Tempo & More

07: EDITING YOUR FILM: Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro AND iMovie – Setting Up Your Projects – Navigating The Software – What Tools To Use – Importing Your Footage and Basic Cuts – Transitions, Titles and Graphics – Manipulating Audio Levels – Exporting & Rendering – Getting Your Films to Your Clients


+ Sample Footage to Practice Editing

+ Pricing Your Films For Profit PDF

+ Senior Year Films Client Questionnaire

+ Pre-Shoot Preparation Checklist

+ Two Part Film Commentary

+ Color Correction Walk-Through

+ Sample Shot List

+ Formula For Editing a Full Film

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