InbeTWEEN The Gap Guide A Guide To Marketing To The Modern Age Tween And Their Parents



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Are you a Senior photographer who wants to add a teen line to your business?
In Between the Gap….

Thisis a guide to marketing to the modern-aged Tween and their parents. The title In between the Gap was chosen because, in our industry, this age is directly in the middle of the most photographed genres…newborns and Seniors!
I’ve seen many photographers attempt to appeal to this market, but it proved to be unsuccessful. They may get a tween here and there…but that’s it.

When the industry became saturated, there was such a competition amongst the newborn/family market. I’ve been in business for 15 years, and I have photographed tweens and young teens exclusively for the last 5 years.

I noticed this untapped market and began to really focus on this genre…well.. because no one else is really doing it!
In this guide, I go over exactly how I marketed to this genre. With the purchase of this guide, you will also receive a PDF of ALL the information shared that is written out for easy reference. There is also a brief posing guide within the PDF as well.


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