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Cultivating your Creativity 101…

Donʼt think youʼre creative? Maybe burnout has you feeling like youʼve lost your creative edge? Mari is confident that she can help you not only find your creativity, but also help you see what could be blocking your creative vision so you donʼt have to keep going through the dread of feeling uninspired in your business. In this course you will learn the doʼs and donʼts of creativity, explore your own creative vision and also go over easy steps you can implement to help you execute your ideas as she gives you a peek into her creative process. You will learn to kick burn out to the curb and tap into your own creativity. This course is most definitely for you if youʼre tired of complacency, feeling like youʼve lost your creative edge, want to bring some spice back into the mundane, if you want to learn to stand out, or all of the above. Mari hopes to help you reignite your creative flame in this course and get you excited about Senior photography all over again. (If you have purchased the 2022 CEO Event you already have this in your portal!)

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