Senior Girl Welcome Packet + Magazine


The ultimate session-prep collection for your senior girls! This is a luxury presentation to give to your clients after booking a photo session. More than a welcome kit, this collection ushers a senior into preparing for the photo session of her life. Includes a 56-page Session Prep Magazine + 5 other pieces. INCLUDES: ALL TEXT and (most) image graphics included. Ready for you to replace with your own images, logo, and customizations as desired. All layers are psd with color, title, text changes available. 56-PAGE SESSION-PREP MAGAZINE (MagCloud Ready - or printer of choice) This magazine can also be converted to online-viewing style. More than a welcome kit, this magazine is the ultimate "Camera-Ready" session guide. NOTE: Among many other things, this magazine preps the client for professional makeup. Do you offer a session without professional makeup? Then the "Camera-Ready Makeup Tips" Guide is the perfect companion to this collection because it will guide your clients with camera-ready makeup tips. Pre-Session prep tips Skin, Hair Nail tips Style Memos 7 Styles with Tips, clothing, samples, best-location pairings Props/Sports/Hobbies prep/ideas How to Pack for a location session 5 Session-Perfection Tips Product Reveal / Visual prep for the sale From "Booking to Product" Timeline outline LOCATION DETAILS GUIDE (5x5 Trifold) All text included as to how Teri helps guide her clients into the selection of a location for the client's own taste and style, whether at the studio or any other location. Customize for your own business model. AFTER THE SHOOT / TO PREP YOUR CLIENTS FOR THE SALE (5X7 FOLDED) Teri puts this into the hands of mom at the end of the photo session as a reinforcement that the next step is...THE SALE. Get ready, be ready, with a checklist to come ready to invest. PRICING CARD TO INSERT INTO "AFTER THE SHOOT" CARD INFO (5X7 FLAT) As a reinforcement, Teri inserts this into the above referenced card for further "prep" for the session. THIS DAY IS YOURS / APPOINTMENT REMINDER (3X3 MINI FLAT CARD) BRANDING PRESENTATION STICKER (OPTIONAL 3X3 OR 5X5 SIZES) DETAILED "HOW TO CUSTOMIZE" PDF GUIDE BY TERI FODE JPEG/PSD/PDF FILES97

Purchase of this product is for your photography business only. Product templates are to be sold to your clients as an add on or upsale item only. You are not allowed to sell any portion of design, elements, information, etc to third parties. You are not allowed to use any design, element, etc. to create your own, use for other purposes (example website design, etc.) If the product you are purchasing is a course, it is for your educational benefit only. You may not sell this information or share with others, repurpose it to create your own course, etc.

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