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Are you ready to enter the senior guy market place (or up-level your existing senior guy game?). This marketing collection includes everything you will need to welcome a senior client into your studio plus 2 bonus guy grad card templates. See complete details and inclusions below.

Includes everything you will need to welcome a senior guy client into your business plus 2 bonus guy grad card templates. 

FORMAT: PSD Files, completely editable (JPEG previews included as shown in sampes; all templates require your images) 

TEXT: Dates, Titles, Text, all editable 

SILVER/GOLD BRANDING OPTION: Do you have Silver or Gold Foil in your branding? Or…Silver or Gold glitter? Optional foil/glitter for all design elements and some titles/sub titles. Otherwise, choose a solid color. 

SENIOR GUY STYLE TIPS: How to Prepare & What to Wear and Bring (8×10 4 page pamphlet, ready for printing at MagCloud or lab of choice) 

ON-LOCATION SESSION TIPS: How to pack and prep for an on-location session, tips about changing, section to list your location options (5×7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab) 

WELCOME CARD: To welcome your clients with your personality (or use our that’s included) and add your logo (5×5 flat card 5×7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab) 

AFTER THE SHOOT: What to expect, the ordering appointment, grad card info, pricing section for collections or other with text already set up—if you like it simply sub in your items and prices (5×5 trifold card5x7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab ) 

THAT THING YOU DO: Encourages guys to bring that thing they love (sporty/hobby/car) to pull in their personality and add dimension to your photography work (5×6 wide format folded card5x7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab) 

APPOINTMENT CARD: Everyone loves paper products in this digital age in which we live (flat bookmark style5x7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab ) 

PACKAGING STICKER: To add to your packaging of the info packet for style (3×3 sticker5x7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab ) 

CLASS MAGNET: No photos, just the class year, design elements and your logo so they will actually put it on the refrigerator during senior year (3×3 magnet5x7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab) 

FOLDER PHOTO: Photo designed to adhere to the inside of a presentation folder (folder not included) for style and class when client opens the folder (8×10 5×7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab— Teri prints this as a metallic image—wow factor!) 

(2) BONUS SENIOR GUY GRAD CARDS: It’s important to set the wheels in motion at the start of the client relationship; include these in your welcome presentation so they want to order them (2 5×7 flat cards5x7 folded card ready for WHCC or your own lab) 

BONUS VERSION 2 FRONT COVER: Optional 2nd front cover for the 8×10 Senior Guy Style Tips Guide 

ALL TEXT: Yes, all text is included. ALL TEXT. Including pricing language and all of Teri’s wording that she uses for her own clients, on every template 

VYB RESOURCE GUIDE: “Marketing To Senior Guys–5 Tips” included in this download. This guide was a free resource on the VYB site, but only during the month of April and then it was removed and offered exclusively in this collection.

NOTE: Black Presentation Folder not included.

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