Ashley Gambino | Using Insta Stories To Your Advantage


Want to know an easier and more tactful approach to using stories and posting? In my 30 minute course, I will take you through the ins/outs of using stories to your advantage. Plus, introduce you to using! You may already know some of these tricks, but how long does it take you to load a story or maybe you go weeks on not posting content? (guilty here ✋) Are you spending time with, "ugh, does that look right?" or "I gotta get something up, but can't right now"? Let me walk you through some SUPER EASY steps on taking advantage of your Insta Stories and grid posting! Once you do, sit back and watch your content build on engagement! (If you have purchased the 2022 CEO Event you already have this in your portal!)

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  • Ashley Gambino | Using Insta Stories To Your Advantage

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