Nicki Hufford | The NHP Edit Suite


Learn how to quickly and effectively edit like NHP.
Your purchase includes over 2 hours of editing footage, 11 different edits and NHP's custom actions!  Nicki will walk you through each step of her editing process from start to finish using both capture one and Photoshop.

Purchase of this product is for your photography business only. Product templates are to be sold to your clients as an add on or upsale item only. You are not allowed to sell any portion of design, elements, information, etc to third parties. You are not allowed to use any design, element, etc. to create your own, use for other purposes (example website design, etc.) If the product you are purchasing is a course, it is for your educational benefit only. You may not sell this information or share with others, repurpose it to create your own course, etc.

Mileage Restriction

Photographers must reside outside a 50 mile radius from the zip code 44483 to purchase products from Nicki Hufford.

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